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Right Content Marketing Equals to Business Growth

There is a buzz about social networking sites. Social media marketers never get tired of talking about the potential benefits of these sites. There are lots of businesses making the most of these sites. Unlike these successful businesses, there is a majority of others who are frustrated for not getting the potential leads through social media. So, what is that thing which pays some businesses while others remain on the other side of the success? Content marketing is the simple answer to this critical question. Yes, you read it right! Content is the king – for it is the central part of any marketing strategy and if it has value for your readers (target market), it will help you drive qualified traffic to your site. According to Hubspot, “Companies with blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those who have no blog.”

So, what is the magic that helps a single blog post earn thousands of qualified visitors? Adding value to clients’ (readers’) business is the magic that makes them read a blog article and then comment, like, retweet, share or repin it at social networking sites thus enabling their followers, friends or connections to see this blog post. This is how a single blog article gets virility and drives thousands of qualified visitors to the website. Right content brings you the right traffic to your website. You get engagement, likes, shares, retweets, pins and all the exposure that is required for business growth in the world of internet. Take the example of Social Media Examiner, one of the most popular blogs about social media. Its “Revenue went from $0 to over $1,000,000 in less than one year” as published on therisetothetop.com.

Or you can take a look at 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest. A single blog article drove thousands of qualified visitors to the website because it had the information that they (readers) were searching for online.

From the above examples, it’s obvious, how you can drive happy traffic to your website by addressing the needs of your target audiences. Thus your blog will become a platform where they will start searching for answers to their questions. Note that, content marketing is not a one-time task rather it requires you to keep posting and sharing the valuable pieces of writing with your target audience or they will start searching for it somewhere else.

Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion is another proof that content marketing is the key to success in online business. Marcus started River Pools and Spas, a pools company in 2001. This company grew to be one of the largest of its kind in the world and this was not possible without content marketing as Marcus claimed in his most downloaded ebook on content marketing.
So, you’re not doing content marketing but want relevant traffic (business) driven at your site, right? Well, it’s not difficult. If you’re not writing a blog, start writing one but what would be the keywords? Well, keywords are the terms that your prospects type at Google, Bing or Yahoo to search you. So, first you need to define the keywords that best define your business. Once you find out the most relevant keywords, it would be easier to continue with blogging keeping in view the problems/needs of the target audience. If a blog is not written well and fails to add any value, you don’t need to share it at social media sites as it will gather no mass. LinkedIn Answers can be a good way to know what questions your target audience wants answered. Spend some time there and use the keywords of the question in the title of your blog so that it is easily searchable.

Once you write valuable content (blog/article), it will be automatically shared by lots of people at social media and thus will be up in search engines. This will bring traffic to your website but you need to ensure that you’re going to write at least 3 blogs in a week to stay in the game. Now forget about everything and just visit Google Analytics to know what 15 keywords best define your business. The next step is writing a blog about your business and who else can write better than you on what you deal in? Once your blog starts driving enough traffic, you can also start educating them through slideshares, infographics, ebooks and PowerPoint presentations to name a few. This will boost up your social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and blog marketing campaigns.

So, start your blog today and share its link in the comment box below. Also give your feedback about this blog and share it if you like it.


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